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Adam Caddy

/Father, Husband, Endless Opportunities

Born in Newcastle NSW,1981 yep, the Big 40 next year!!


The last of five kids. Often told by my parents they stopped at perfection but, it could have been the opposite! 


Those who are close friends, family and some who have followed me for a while would know that I’m married to Liz and we are fortunate enough to have four amazing boys plus Coco our doggy. 


I have had a passion for Photography and Videography for many years however my career path had a different direction in mind. So, I basically never went down the path that was my first passion. I won’t talk about my day job as I like to keep it separate from what I’m achieving here in my side hustle. Let’s just say I have been able to tick a few boxes in my career around leadership and people management.


Back to the photo and film business! For me it starts with tech, I love all the fancy gadgets and technology that we are able to get our hands on in 2020. The day I bought my first drone, the opportunities started to open up. I was encouraged to get on Instagram, YouTube, and had the opportunity to film a wedding. Here I am almost 3 years later, absolutely having a ball. 


Before the photos and films, the main focus I have is the relationship that I build with the community and individuals that I work with. “Work” I use that word loosely as I still don’t see this as a job rather than a hobby that occasionally helps with the bills. 


My principles are simple:

Be kind, be polite and be positive! You can throw in be awesome and use your common sense and we have a fantastic recipe for success!!

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/My disability is why I'm me :) 

Awareness: Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC), or simply arthrogryposis.


Please read on to support AMC awareness and the many children and families dealing with this.


For a detailed explanation please visit https://amcsupport.org/about-arthrogryposis/.

Why am I telling you this? Very few people in my life know the details of my condition.  I was born with it and have dealt with it every day of my life, and no it’s not the fact I have red hair, well what’s left!!!


At birth, I was diagnosed initially with club feet to be later diagnosed with Arthrogryposis. My feet were basically facing upside down and back to front. I’ve never really opened up in public about it except for some posts on Facebook in 2019. In my case, I’m very, very lucky to only have the condition in my legs and hips, which has also caused problems in my back. But as I said I’m one of the lucky ones. 


The doctors told my two very brave parents that I would never walk and suffer life-long issues. Silly doctors, what do they know!  Just kidding! But seriously doctors do need to be honest and I’m grateful for all those who did what they did in the ’80s. The truth is we can say “never say never”. 

Fourteen operations and many, many medical and physio appointments later, I started walking by 2 1/2 years old. By the age of 6, things were heading in the right direction. Yes, the Doctors were spot on with the life-long issues as I deal daily with severe pain and other random dramas that impact my life. But the thing is I don’t know any different, so I’ve learned to deal with it. Let’s face it, not many people can break a bone in their foot and feel no difference! I think that is pretty special!


A couple of photos here and previously on my Facebook Page are obviously some early ones, when I was in and out of the hospital. I believe that sharing these photos and stories will help give back to the kids today being diagnosed with AMC. For the parents of these kids, there is a very bright future ahead, just keep pushing through the tough times and the good times will come…..

I have been able to do many things in my life that most doctors said would not be possible. One of them being my sporting achievements growing up. This is based on the idea that things are possible even when you have been dealt the cards you didn’t plan on getting…………..


If you would like to ask me any questions that may help you or your children please don’t hesitate to reach out as I love to help others in similar situations


“The harder the tough times, the better the good times”

Basically, if you take it easy, the rewards won’t be as great.            

– Adam Caddy

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